Julie Ho-Jeffers

Hello my tribe,



        I hope this message finds you all healthy and somewhat sane. We are living through some crazy times right now but I know that we will all come out of this stronger and wiser than

before. That being said, my children miss school, my husband misses sports, and I miss my mommy happy hours! Our three kids are at three different schools learning three different grade levels. Lunchtime isn’t any easier. We have one vegetarian, one who is allergic to life, and one who eats anything you put in front of him. Many of you are like us and understand how tricky it is to keep all of the plates spinning on a typical day of home schooling.


As some of our friends and family know, I have been working on a kid-focused neighborhood business, and with the help from my husband and his experiences with Bolsa and Smoke restaurants, we plan on launching in the fall. Local Green Gourmet Jr. will be an app-based storefront that will provide an elevated lunchroom experience for your child. We will be offering all sorts of lunch options such as organic, gluten-free, allergen-free or just all of the greatest hits. We will include a napkin that has a daily sweet message and a prize based on your child’s interests.


We realized, before this pandemic, that there are already so many meal prep, healthy, calorie counting options for grown-ups and even some for pets but our children really have very few online fun meal prep options. We look forward to trying our hand at it. Unfortunately, Coronavirus has forced us to pause our plan and pivot.


So, for the time being, we thought that it would be fun to introduce our service to you by offering a simple, stripped down bag lunchable with some handmade items along with some prepackaged items. Hopefully, we can create some free time in your day by giving you one less thing to think about and also create a spark in your child’s day.



Stay strong. We are all in this together,


Julie Ho Jeffers

Mom-in-charge, CEO  

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