Frequently asked questions

Do I have to order for all 6 days?

No. You can choose which days you'd like to order for. There is a minimum order requirement of $22.00 (includes delivery).

Can I make substitutions?

Of course you can! Please let us know in the 'Special Requests' box on the entree line what you'd like to substitute. We will do our best to make it happen.

Do I need to be home to accept my order?

You do not need to be home to accept your order. We will however give you a two-hour window for delivery. If you'd like to leave a cooler out, we would be more than happy to place the meals inside.

How do I order for multiple kids?

Change the quantity in the menu item if they are getting the same meal. If they are not getting the same meal and snacks: Under the 'special request' of each line item, please include their names so we know which lunch or snack bag goes to who. This is pertinent so we can ensure each child gets what was ordered for them.

How can you personalize my child/childrens' lunch bag?

Based upon the questionnaire you filled out about your child/children, we want to use that info to tailor their experience by having their names drawn on each bag and also including what they would enjoy. i.e. a pokemon or baseball card or shopkins toys. ***If you are ordering for more than ONE child*** In the 'special requests' box after each item line, you will need to put the child's name under what will go in their lunch/snack bag for that particular day.

Do I have to fill out a questionnaire every time?

No, the personalized lunch questionnaire about your child will only need to be filled out for the first order. You can just go straight to ordering the next time around.

What do I do once I receive the lunch bags?

Please ensure you place the lunches in the refrigerator as soon as you can. These foods are meant to stay cold.


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