Why I started a lunch delivery for youngsters

Starting this little business has not been easy especially during this pandemic. However I have been ”cooking” this idea for years and after being furloughed, I figured there is no time like the present. This idea came to me after a very unfortunate incident with my son. Landon, who is allergic to shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and several types of fish, was enrolled in an amazing private school before kindergarten. The school had a great group of teachers and administrators all of whom were excellent communicators so it was really just a fluke but one day he was fed a fish taco at lunch and had an allergic reaction. It sent us all into a tailspin. After the incident I wondered if that might a be problem for other parents or what else might be problematic. What about obesity, gluten allergies, or even just lack of time in your morning and hence LGGJr. was born. I am super excited to start my own business. Anyways wish me luck and go order some food from me. Thanks.


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